Studio 1030 Services

HAIR - Salon Services

Hair is one of the most defining things about a person's image. At Studio 1030 we are committed to giving you the style and color you want.
Because of the nature of our salon, your appointment may be void if you are more than five minutes late.

Men's Cut $12 Includes style, but does not include a wash (20 - 30 min)
Women's Cut Only $14 Haircut Only. Does not include wash, blow-dry, or style (30 - 40 min)
Women's Cut w/Wash $20 Includes wash, cut, blow-dry and style (1 hour)
Child's Cut $8 (11 and UNDER) Cut only, does not include wash or style
Cut w/Chemical $12  (add on price when requesting a haircut with color service)
Wash $3 Does not include blow-dry or style
Style $20-$40 Consists of blow-dry, straightening, or curling (wash not included). Price Depends on Time & Desired Style. Does not include an up-do (30-60 min)
Special Occasion Hair $45 Elaborate hair styles perfect for a wedding or a formal dance (45 min)
Regular Scalp Treatment $14 (15 minutes) Does not include blowdry or style
Mini Scalp Treatment $10 (5 minutes) Does not include blowdry or style
Deep Condition $15 Does not include blow-dry or style


All Over Color-Short $40 (includes 1 application) For hair that hits above the ears
All Over Color-Medium $55 (includes 2 applications) For hair that hits above the collar bone
All Over Color-Long $70 (includes 3 applications) For hair longer than shoulder length
Partial Highlights $55 Starting price for highlights for the top half of hair. Please book this appt. if you are lightening your hair at all (2 hrs)
Full Head Highlights $75 Starting price for highlights for the whole head of hair (2.5 hours)
Ombre/Melt $65 Starting price for Ombre/Melt, each addition application is $10
Balayage $75 Starting price for Balayage, each addition application is $10
Price per Foil $3 Price per foil, up to 12 foils (2hrs)
Color Explosions $15 Individual panels of color/bleach, additional panels or color applications are $10 each
Texture Smoother $100  ($100 for the first hour, $50 for every 1/2 hour after 1 hour) Chemical Smoother
Men's Tips/Shoeshine $30  
Extra Color Applications $10 For additional application of color used during a color service

DISCLAIMER: All prices listed are starting prices and do not necessarily indicate the final price.

HAIR - Barber Services

Our barbers provide traditional services to keep you looking sharp.

Barber Cut $15  
Wash $3  


Life can be rough, especially on your skin. To help repair, rejuvenate and protect your skin we offer the best skincare products as well as makeup to give you younger looking, healthier skin.

Makeup Application $30
(30 - 45 min)
Makeup w/Facial $15 (in addition to cost of facial)
Express Facial $30 (40 min)
Lip Wax $8 (10 min)
Eyebrow Wax $8 (15 - 20 min)
Chin Wax $10 (10 min)
Cheek Wax $10 (20 min)
Hairline/Neck Wax $10 (20 min)
Nose/Ear Wax $6 (10 min)
Finger/Toe Wax $10 (15 min)
Brow Tint $15 (20 min)
Lash Tint $20 (30 min)
Lash & Brow Tint $30 (30 min)
Brow Wax and Tint $20 (40 min)
Lash Extensions $95 (2.5 hrs)
Lash Fill $45 Must be filled within three weeks of previous appointment and have 50% of previous lash extensions left to be considered a fill. (2hrs)
Lash Removal $35 (40 min)
Volume Lashes $120 Volume lashes create a fuller, more feathered look for the client by using larger quantities of thinner lashes. Because they are so fine, the stylist is able to create fans which consist of 2-5 false lashes on one natural lash. The light-weight fan is harmless to the natural lashes and creates a bold and dramatic look (3 hrs)
Volume Lash Fill $60 (2 hrs)


Studio 1030 is here to help you with your nails. We provide pedicures, manicures and shellac nail polish to make your nails dazzling.

Pedicure $25 (1 hr)
Shellac Toes $20 (50 min)
Pedicure & Shellac $40 (1.5 hrs)
Manicure $15 (1 hr)
Shellac Fingers $20 (50 min)
Manicure/Shellac $25 (75 min)