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*Our best sellers and stylist favorite products

While these are the products we regularly carry, we can special order in products that are unlisted. Talk to the front desk if you are interested.

American Crew

Fiber* Pliable fiber with high hold and low shine.
Forming Cream Medium hold and high shine to form and shape hair.
Defining Paste Medium hold and low shine while creating and holding definition.
Grooming Cream High hold and high shine to groom and perfect hair.
Pomade Pomade with medium hold and high shine.
Cream Pomade Cream pomade with light hold and low shine.
Heavy Hold Pomade Pomade with heavy hold and high shine.
D:fi D:Struct Molding cream with a medium hold and a low shine.
D:fi D:Sculpt Sculpting cream with high hold and low shine.
D:fi Extreme Cream A strong hold styling cream with high shine.
Firm Hold Styling Gel Firm holding gel that doesn't flake. Creates a thicker look with added shine.
Medium Hold Spray Gel Maintains a flexible hold for all hair lengths.
Grooming Spray A finishing spray that adds a defining hold to any style
Power Cleanser Styling Remover* A daily shampoo that fully removes product and oil build-up
Daily Shampoo A natural cleanser to provide a clean, fresh clean while refreshing the scalp
Daily Conditioner Stimulate the scalp while promoting healthy and clean hair

Redken for Men

Grip Tight Holding Gel Defining gel with medium hold and medium shine.
Stand Tough Extreme Gel Sculpting gel with maximum control and high shine.
Dishevel Fiber Cream Shaping cream to add texture with a medium control and undone finish.
Work Hard Molding Paste Molds style with a maximum hold and leaves a natural looking finish.
Outplay Texture Pomade* A pomade with maximum control and a matte finish to provide extra texture.
Maneuver Cream Pomade A cream pomade with a medium hold and a smooth finish for a polished look.


Frizz Dismiss Oil-In Serum* Anti-humidity and smoothing leave-in oil treatment.
Powder Grip 03* Matte hair power to easily add texture and volume.
Wind Blown 05 Dry finishing spray to hold style and create a windswept effect.
Guts 10 Volumizing spray foam to add height straight at the root.
All Soft Shampoo* Restoring and softening shampoo formulated for dry, brittle hair.
All Soft Conditioner* Conditions hair from root to core, pairs with the All Soft shampoo.
All Soft Heavy Cream A mask-like treatment for extremely dry hair, can be paired with the All Soft shampoo.
Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo A gentle clease to help strenghten color treated hair.
Color Extend Magnetics Conditioner Treats color-treated hair for a safe and strenghtening conditioner. Pairs with the Color Extend Magnetics shampoo.
Color Extend Graydiant Shampoo When used as a complete system this shampoo brightens and nourishes gray or silver hair.
Color Extend Graydiant Conditioner When used as a complete system this conditioner brightens and nourishes gray or silver hair.
Extreme Strengthening Shampoo A fortifying shampoo perfect for those with dry and distressed hair.
Extreme Strengthening Conditioner A strenghtening and protecting conditioner for those with dry and distressed hair. Pairs with the Extreme Strenghtening shampoo.
Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-In* The ideal partner to the Extreme Strengthening system. One of our favorite leave-ins, perfect for distressed hair.
Extreme Play Safe 3-in-1 Leave-In* Protects from heat up to 450 degrees, helps keep hair strong while styling. Safe for color-treated hair.
Dandruff Control Shampoo Used pyrithione zinc to fight symptoms associated with dandruff.
No Blow Dry Airy Cream Light control that still allows movement. Accelerates drying time and allows for faster styling. Ideal for those with "flat" or fine hair.
No Blow Dry Just Right Cream Frizz control while still allowing movement. Accelerates drying time and allows for faster styling. Ideal for those with medium, mostly straight hair.
No Blow Dry Bossy Cream Tame frizzy hair and improve styling. Accelerates drying time and allows for faster stylist. Ideal for those with curly or coarse hair.


Root Boost Weightless root lift for volume, movement and body.
Beach Wave Mousse Mousse for hydrated, long-lasting windswept beach waves.
Texture Clay Workable clay to define and sculpt hair for a natural, matte finish.
Dry Texture Spray Argan-oil infused dry spray, creates an undone look.
Intense Curl Cream Leave-in conditioner infused with curl-friendly vitamins and antioxidants.
Curl Defining Cream* Activate and define curls without stripping moisture.
Intense Hydrating Mask Easy, five minute hydrating mask for medium to thick, dry hair.
Hydrating Styling Cream* Leave-in that targets frizz and adds shine while hydrating.
Thickening Lotion Strengthens and thickens each strand for long-lasting body.
Moroccanoil Treatment Rich argan oil that absorbs into hair to increase managability, shine and conditioning.
Moroccanoil Treatment Light The same Moroccanoil Treatment specifically designed for fine or light-colored hair.


Penetraitt Shampoo Repairing shampoo that leaves hair strengthened and fortified
Penetraitt Conditioner Strenghtening conditioner to pair with the Penetraitt Shampoo
Penetraitt Masque* Deep strengthening and reparing masque for damaged and distressed hair
Drench Shampoo Shampoo for nourishing dry, frizzy hair
Drench Conditioner Water activated shampoo that works with the Drench Shampoo to tame frizz
Volupt Shampoo Using micro-lite technology, this shampoo boosts hair for extra volume
Volupt Conditioner Creates soft volume to ehance lightness and styling, pairs with the Volupt Shampoo
Light Shampoo With a gentle lather, this shampoo will create a weightless look with added shine
Light Conditioner Conditions hair to creates movement and lift, pairs with Light Shampoo
Whipped Cream A super-conditioning style whip to add moisture that nourishes curls and waves
Thickefy Foam A weightless, foam thickener to help fine hair achieve a fuller look
Trilliant* Thermal protective spray with an added shimmer to add shine and condition hair
Microweb Fiber* An elastic texturizer to redefine texture in style in all lengths of hair
Dark Oil* A lightweight styling oil to smooth hair and add body to make hair styling effortless
Mousse Forte A strong holding mousse to enhance body, curl and wave
Re-Shaper A strong hold hairspray to create a touchable hold for all hair types and styles


Color+ Clenditioner We offer this color depositing conditioner in several colors, use these to extend or refresh an existing color, or add temporary color to pre-lightened hair. Can also be used as a toner to add a "cool" hue to blonde hair.


Brooklyn Bombshell Blowout Spray* Get a "salon-worthy" blowout at home with this lightweight mist to add massive volume
The Wizard Detangling Primer Protect from heat damage and breakage when priming your hair with this mist
Velveteen Dream Smoothing Balm Tame frizz and lock-in smoothness with this balm to leave hair shiny and smooth
Soulfood Nourishing Mask* Rich and nourishing to provide hair with intense hydration and softening
Perk Up Dry Shampoo Remove oil and product build-up with this dry shampoo to refresh hair.
Silken Up Dry Conditioner Polish hair without weighing it down and recreate the feeling of freshly washed hair
Un.Done Volume and Texture Spray* A dry finishing spray to add volume and texture to flat, dull hair


K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo* Color preserving shampoo that enhances color with a gentle clean.
K-Pak Color Therapy Conditioner* Color preserving conditioner to hydrate and preserve hair. Pairs well with the K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo.
K-Pak Color Therapy Luster Lock A shine and repair treatment to renew color-treated hair.
K-Pak Color Therapy Luster Lock Multi-Perfector A daily leave-in to protect from color fading and damage.
K-Pak Deep-Penetrating Deconstructor A protein reconstructor to rebuild and improve the structure of each hair strand.
Defy Damage Protective Shampoo A rich, but gentle shampoo to boost hair's defense and protect from damage.
Defy Damage Protective Conditioner A strengthening conditioner to protect from damage and breakage.
Moisture Recovery Shampoo Deep-hydration and cleansing to nourish dry, dull hair.
Moisture Recovery Conditioner Ultra-nourishing to replenish dull hair, pairs well with the Moisture Recovery shampoo.
Blonde Life Violet Shampoo* Achieve the perfect cool-toned blonde with this gentle cleansing violet shampoo.
Color Balance Blue Shampoo Neutralizes brassy and orange tones in lightened brown hair.
Color Balance Violet Shampoo Neutralizes brassy tones in lightened blonde hair for that cool, blonde look.
Color Endure Violet Shampoo A sulfate-free shampoo that neutralizes brassy, yellow tones to help maintain blonde hair.
Liter Shampoo and Conditioner We carry the Moisture Recovery and KPAK Color Therapy shampoos and conditioners in Liter sizes.

Paul Mitchell

Flexible Style Spray Wax Achieve flexible hair texture with this styling spray. Creates a satin finish while maintaining flexibility.
Flexible Style Round Trip Define and add bounce to your curls and help them hold their shape all day.
Flexible Style Hot Off The Press* Thermal protection spray and styling aid in one product. Curl and straighten without fear of heat damage.
Flexible Style Sculpting Foam Foam with long-lasting hair memory to control frizz, add shine and create a style full of body and moisture.
Flexible Style Hold Me Tight Strong, flexible and touchable is the goal with this product. This is a strong hold, but lightweight hairspray perfect for those who need control all day.
Flexible Style Super Clean Spray Add thickness and fullness to any style with this spray. Also helps to condition and add shine to your hair.
Soft Style Quick Slip Provides a flexible hold, definition to your hair, conditioning and smoothing, all to help you style and protect your hair.
Super Skinny Serum* Prime hair for blow-drying while adding shine and smoothing fly-away hair and frizz for a polished style.
InvisibleWear Brunette Dry Shampoo Extend the life of your style between washes with this dry shampoo. The brunette color helps to avoid the white, powdery look found in other dry shampoos.
InvisibleWear Blonde Dry Shampoo Extend the life of your style between washes with this dry shampoo. The blonde color helps to avoid the white, powdery look found in other dry shampoos.
Firm Style Freeze and Shine Super Spray A spray with powerful hold and styling memory. Adds a shiny finish while firmly maintaining your style.
Shampoo One An everyday shampoo to gently cleanse the scalp and improve manageability. Enhances shine and the appearance of the hair. Works on all hair, including color treated hair.
Shampoo Two* Clarifying shampoo to remove product and oil buildup on the roots and scalp. Leaves hair and scalp feeling refreshed, moisturized and looking shiny. Works on color treated hair.
Shampoo Three Remove product build-up, chlorine and minerals from your hair with this deep-cleansing shampoo.
Awapuhi Shampoo Thoroughly cleanse all types of hair to leave hair feeling brightened and lightweight. Helps to prevent moisture loss while cleansing.
The Conditioner Leave-in moisturizing conditioner to smooth hair, reduce static, prevent dryness and bring tired hair back to life.
The Detangler* Works to unknot, condition and add shine to coarse, tangled hair.

Tea Tree

Shaping Cream* Provides pliable definition to look your everyday style into place.
Hair and Scalp Treatment* Invigorate and refresh your scalp with this moisturizing treatment. Nourish and replenish dull hair.
Firm Hold Gel Adds shine with a flake-free finish to every day hairstyles.
Lavender Mint Deep Conditioning Mask Use once a week to moisturize and strengthen weak, dull hair strands. Intensive treatment through essential oils and conditioning elements.
Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo Cleanse, sooth and replenish with this gentle shampoo. Improves strength, shine and makes hair more manageable for effortless style.
Lavender Mint Moisturizing Conditioner* Daily conditioner to replenish hair and deeply moisturize dry, dull hair. The lavender scent and moisturizing ability pairs well with the Lavender Mint Shampoo.
Lavender Mint Conditioning Leave In Moisturize and fight frizz with this great smelling leave-in treatment.
Lemon Sage Thickening Shampoo Thicken hair strands while keeping and clean and healthy look. Provides a volume boost while taking care of split ends.
Lemon Sage Thickening Conditioner Hydrates, detangles and adds volume while remaining lightweight and manageable. Pairs well with the Lemon Sage Shampoo.
Lemon Sage Thickening Spray Boosts volume and shine for skinny hair strands.
Special Shampoo* Wash hair of impurities with this refreshing shampoo. Leaves hair feeling fresh and clean while promoting shine.
Special Conditioner* Takes care of dull, tired hair while invigorating and moisturizing the hair. Pairs well with the Special Shampoo.
Shampoo and Conditioner Liters We sell all of the Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner sets in liter sizes.

Miscellaneous Product

Redken UniqOne* A 10 benefit, coconut scented leave-in product. Repairs and tames dry hair, protects from damage, promotes healthy, manageable hair.
Mizani Miracle Milk* This power-packed product offers 25 benefits to the hair, including heat protection and frizz taming.
Matrix Total Results Brass Off Neutralize brassy tones and emphasize cool tones in blonde hair. Best for lightened brown hair.
Aquage Lifting Foam Lightweight volume that adds bounciness to dull, flat hair.
AG Hair Care Frizzproof Lock out frizz and help hair keep its shine, shape and hold, even through humidity.
CHI Deep Brilliance Leave In Serum* Weightless leave-in serum that promotes smoothness, shine and manageability. Get the benefits of an oil without the product buildup.
CHI Enviro Smoothing Shampoo Reduce frizz, promote shine and smoothness. Recommended product to help support hair that has been texture smoothed.
CHI Enviro Smoothing Conditioner Leaves hair tangle free and shiny. Recommended product to help support hair that has been texture smoothed.
CHI Enviro Smoothing Masque Deep moisture for overworked, dull hair. Recommended product to help support hair that has been texture smoothed.
CHI Enviro Smoothing Shine Spray Helps repair damaged hair and adds shine. Recommended product to help support hair that has been texture smoothed.
CHI Enviro Smoothing Serum Lightweight shine while taming frizz. Recommended product to help support hair that has been texture smoothed.
BioSilk Silk Therapy* Ultra leave-in serum that gives hair a smooth and silky appearance without weighing down hair or adding product buildup.


GrandeLash Clear Serum* Award winning serum to help lashes appear thicker, fuller and longer. Apply daily for best results.
GrandeDrama Mascara Uses castor oil to nourish lashes at the base to help them appear thicker and fuller. Mascara formula helps provide dramatic lash volume and length upon application.
LashSavers Eye Mask Designed for those with lash extensions, the cotton and lace mask can be worn while sleeping to help stop lashes from falling off during the night.

Naples Soap Company

Bath Bombs* Therapeutic treatment with aromatherapy benefits. Place bath bombs into a warm bath to create a moisturizing and stress relieving bath. We offer a variety of scents.
Olive Oil Soap Help skin retain moisture while getting clean with these natural soaps. We offer a variety of scents.
Body Butter Rich body moisturizer with cocoa and Shea butters. Hydrate and repair dry skin with this long-lasting, great smelling formula. We offer a variety of scents.
Moisturizer Stick Deep moisture in a stick form. Works well on dry elbows and knees to help keep them hydrated.
Muscle Stick* Natural treatment for topical pain relief. Helps to cool pain and promote blood circulation to the applied area.
Eczema Soap Clinically tested soap for face and body. Directly targets and relieves symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or excessive dry skin.
Lip Balm* Moisturizing lip balm for every day use. We offer cherry, vanilla and peppermint scents.
Lip Scrub Gentle exfoliation for the lips while bringing hydration to them with natural oils, beeswax, vitamin E and aloe vera.


Hair Bobbles* Traceless hair ties that hold hair in place without leaving behind creases or creating breakage.
Shampoo Brushes* A small brush that loops around your finger and fits in the palm of your hand. Use while shampooing to invigorate and massage the scalp.
Combs Travel size plastic comb.
Paddle Brush Helps create lift and volume while minimizing dry and style time.
Sculpting Brush Detangles wet and dry hair, aids during drying and helps style and sculpt hair.
Detangler Comb Detangles wet and dry hair by using wide teeth to help avoid breakage.
Wet Brush Glide through tangles to create a shiny, smooth finish. Works on wet and dry hair.
Babyliss PRO 1" Straightener Provides smoothness and quick styling time with its titanium plates.
Solar Oil Cuticle Care* Cuticle conditioner to help strengthen, condition and soften the skin to promote healthy nails.
Nail Clippers Travel size metal nail clippers.


Earrings* We offer a wide variety of earrings, studs, hoops, fun beads or tassels. Our selection cycles often, and there may not be two of one style.
Necklaces We have long and short style necklaces for those who want an everyday look or want to make a statement.
Headbands Easy to wear and style, fabric headbands in several fun prints.
Salt Lamp* A warm, real Himalayan salt lamp to help promote clean air, energy levels, creativity, concentration and performance.
Salt Night Light A smaller size salt lamp to go directly into any outlet as a night light. Provides the same benefits at a smaller size.


Brushes We have a wide variety of brushes made for skin, eyes and lips.
Face* We have both liquid and powder foundations in a wide range of shades to help achieve a flawless finish.
Brows Help fill out and shape your brows to achieve a full, fluffy or sharp brow look.
Lips Pair any look with the perfect lip color, whether it be through a lipstick or a gloss.
Eyes Brighten your eyes with neutral or fun shades. Craft the perfect eye look with palates or individual shades.
Lashes Lifting and voluminous mascaras are perfect to top off any eye makeup look, or to wear alone for a casual day.
Primers and Setting Sprays Start and finish your makeup application on a good note. Help keep your makeup in place for long-lasting beauty.
Tools A makeup bag isn't complete without a variety of tools to help emphasize your natural beauty, or to help perfect any makeup look.